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Books, Photos and Antiques on Afghanistan and the Islamic World

We specialize in books, photos and antiques from the Islamic World with a focus on Central Asia and Afghanistan, founded in 1996, mailing worldwide. We also advertise relevant cultural and literary events so don’t hesitate to tell us about your event so that we can include this information on the Events section of our website. We hold a large specialist stock of books, which can be searched through this website.


Featured Products

  • War Rug

    1988 Afghanistan War Rug £300 6ft x 4ft

  • N H Dupree

    N H Dupree: Historical guide to Afghanistan

  • Queen Soraya

    1929 photo of Queen Soraya: £250

Books, Photos and Antiques on Afghanistan and the Islamic World.

Silk Road Books and Photos was established by me, Farrukh Husain, from my large personal collection of books and photos on Afghanistan and the Islamic East. I was called to the Bar by the Inner Temple in July 1996 and worked as an immigration lawyer with diverse communities including Afghan Refugees in the UK and was elected to the Board of the Refugee Council during 2007-2008. I have been collecting books on Afghanistan since 1987 and have a broad knowledge and interest in Afghanistan, Central Asia and Pakistan, which are at the heart of the Asian Silk Road. Over recent years my collection expanded to cover Islamic art and the Islamic world more generally. My ancestor’s served in the armies of Ahmed Shah Durrani, served in the Afghan Royal Court of Shah Shujah Ul Mulk from at least 1809 until 1842  and fought in the Second Anglo Afghan war. I have travelled extensively in the Islamic East including Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan and have worked as a history researcher for authors including William Dalrymple on ‘Return of the King the battle for Afghanistan’. I am presently working on a history of the Anglo Afghan wars entitled ‘Afghanistan – End Game of the Great Game’ which is due for publication in 2014 and can be pre-ordered directly from me at £20 per hardback copy. Those wanting to see the first chapter of this book will find it in the articles section of the website. I am always happy to consider new assignments relating to the Silk Road Region.


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