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Afghan War Carpets

Afghan War rug Scene Wool pile intact some wear to area showing green helicopters and green aeroplanes, , however it is in very good condition and woven with a quality wool. Visually well constructed and full of detail. Probably representing Kabul or a similar large town in Afghanistan. Note the various architecturally styles of the four Mosques. The top left Mosque with a dome bears a striking resemblance to the Eid Gah Mosque of Kabul as it was when it still had the original dome. Interestingly the dome of the mosque is topped by ibex horns, which is a common form of pre-Islamic decoration for religious buildings in parts of Afghanistan. It is clear that the use of ibex horns occurred in Kabul at religious buildings. For example, NANCY Hatch Dupree writes that the Mausoleum doorway of Shah Do Shamshira in Kabul is decorated with ibex horns( See page 88 Historical Guide to Afghanistan 1977). Directly below the domed Mosque is a row of three brown war planes flying past. The Eid Gah Mosque traditionally had military displays on independence day, which may account for the jet fly past(Attach colour photo of Eid gah. The Large block brown line  beside the road could well be the Kabul River. To the top right of the rug is a further mosque, which is on the other side of the river this bears a good resemblance to the Shah Do Sham Shira Mosque. Between the two minarets of the Mosque are two circular patterns these are likely to be decorative  lights which are festooned on monuments and streets during special occasions. The Rug shows cars moving down a tree lined street and armoured cars within boxed areas, probably indicating military bases. A tree lined road runs upwards in the middle of the rug. On this road at the lower end of the rug are four cars, with two cars at the top of the rug. The cars at the top end of the road have their wheel pointed in the opposite direction from those at the bottom of the rug This suggests that the cars at the top of the rug and those at the bottom of the rug are moving in different directions on the same road. The five helicopters at the base of the rug and three jets directly underneath may represent the Airport at Kabul. 153cmx122cm most likely to be a First Generation Afghan War Rug (1980-89).



Full View

3 Jets and Helicopters at base of carpet

4 cars at the base of the tree lined road

Eid Gah Mosque

Shah Do Shamshira Mosque

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