Silk Road Books & Photos



 “A Dangerous Incident in the Hindu Kush” March 28th  1885 ILN by R C Woodville double page print £12

Arrival of Khan of Kunar at Jalalabad 22 March 1879 ILN £12

Amir Sher Ali Escorted to exile in India (double page print) Feb 7th 1880 The Graphic £12

Fortifying a position razing out buildings 26TH June 1880 The Graphic £12

Gate of the Bazaar at Cabul 9.11.1878 ILN £12

Candahar Interior of the Citadel 14th August 1880 ILN £12

British Envoy to Amir Sher Ali 26.10.1878 ILN £12