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Aisha Ahmad

Pashtun Tales from the Pakistan-Afghan Frontier

Hardback first edition in dustwrapper 2003. 379 pages with colour and black and white plates. Pashtun folk tales from the Afghan border lands. Includes plates by Rattray and Atkinson detailing scenes from the First Anglo Afghan War including as follows:
Interior of the Palace of Shah Shujah, Dost Muhammad Khan Barakzai,Mirza Fayz an Usbek Ambassador, Lady of Kabul, Avenue at Babur's tomb(Atkinson),Kandahar Lady of Rank, Mosque of Ahmed Shah, Hawkers of Kohistan, Kabul Costumes (Atkinson)
Muhammad Nain Sharif, Dost Muhammad Khan and two sons (Eden),Durrani Chiefs in full armour, Interior of the City of Kanadahar, Tomb of Emperor Babur (Atkinson)
Main street in the Kabul Bazaar (Atkinson), Entrance to Bolan Pass (Atkinson)
Afghan Foot soldiers, Afghan Warriors in A cave (Atkinson), Chief Executioners, Fortress of Ali Masjid and the Khyber Pass.



Ali, Mohammed

The Afghans

The Author (Kabul) 1969. Third revised and enlarged edition. PP.183, 8 illus. An interesting account of the manners and customs of the      Afghans including chapters on literature and folklore. The author held a number of ministerial portfolios in the Afghan Government including that of Deputy Prime Minister, 1953-63. Paperback , condition is very good.



Bellew H.W.

The Races of Afghanistan: Being A brief account of the principal nations inhabiting that country

Lahore (1979) reprint, pp124 good in dw.



Caroe Olaf

The Pathans 550BC-1957AD

521pp. Index. 12 plates and 6 maps. The author was the last British Governor of the North-West Frontier Province.   Very good in very good dw. 1958 Macmillan first edition. SIGNED PRESENTATION COPY.



Caroe Olaf

The Pathans 550BC -1957ad

Oxford University Press Reprint, very good condition in dust wrapper.




Debets, G.F

Physical Anthropology of Afghanistan:I-II

Published by the Peabody Museum Cmbridge Massachusetts, USA. 1970. This edition only covers volume five no.1. Includes black and white anthropological photos of Afghan men.
Good condition, paperback. 



Faiz, Ashraf

The Parachgan

The Parachgan are a people of remote ethnic origin who dwelt in the eastern portions of the ancient Ariana, Khurasan or Kabulistan and hence got the name Parachgan by the Hindu conquerors of the area, since Parach means npeople of the East or remote ethnic origin in Sanskrit. Alternately they are the original Persian dwellers of the Ariana, Khurasan or Kabulistan called Farashes later on corrupted to Paraches of Parenches by their brethren the Pushtuns. Pages 154 first Edition 1994 hardback in dust wrapper Peshawar.



Grierson, George A

Torwali an account of the Dardic language of Swat Kohistan

1929 Printed and published by the Royal Asiatic Society. One map, hardback in dark green cloth first edition. Includes a chapter by Auriel Stein on “notes on Torwal and its people”.



Hart David M

Guardians of the Khaibar Pass The Social Organisation and History of the Afridis of Pakistan

PP 208 hardback pictorial cover, very good top of spine slightly damaged. Anthropological work conducted by Hart from Sept 1977 to Jan 1978.



Khan Ashraf M

The Ethnological Galleries in the Swat Museum

40 pages illustrated with black and white photos and one map. . Archaeological Museum Saidu Sharif Swat 1994.