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Goodwin, Buster

More stories of Life amongst the Khattaks

This book was published after readers requested more stories from Goodwin after he published his first book about the Khattaks. Self Published Softcover. Book Condition: Very Good. Signed by author. 48 pages in nice condition.  On the front page it has the following "Copies of these stories, which have been privately printed as a supplement to "Life among the Pathans (Khattaks)" by Buster Goodwin, are available from Mrs J Pott, 56 Addison Ave., Lonond W11 4QP (01-60305301) price 75p including postage or from Col. Goodwin 303a Peshawar Rd., Rawalpindi, West Pakistan". So I think the 75p dates it back to the early 1970's. 



Habib, Mohammed

Sultan Mahmud of Ghaznin