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Ahmad Ziauddin

Mohammed Ali Jinnah The Architect of Pakistan

223 pages hardback in dust wrapper. Professor Ahmad is a distinguished historian and has produced this biography on the founder of Pakistan.



Ahmed, Akbar S

Jinnah, Pakistan and Islamic Identity The Search for Saladin

The book is based on those who were close to Jinnah including his daughter Dina Wadia. The book was highly praised internationally and was turned into a film. 274 pages. Hardback in dw very good condition first edition. 1977 Oxford University Press




Ahmed Ishtiaq

Gulbuddin Hekmetyar AN Afghan Trail From Jihad to Terrorism

Paperback pages 151 published by STEP 2004. Hekmetyar initially fought the Soviets, then fought against other Mujahedin parties in 1992 to be the dominant warlord in Afghanistan. His party received a thorough beating from the Taliban in 1995. Hekmetyar then sided with the other Mujahideen parties becoming Prime Minister of the Mujahidin Govt. In 2001 after the US assault on Afghanistan, Hekmetyar changed sides again and decided to fight against the Western forces in Afghanistan.



Barth, Frederick

The Last Wali Of Swat

An autobiography personal recollections of Miangul Jahanzeb born in Swat in 1908 and ruler of the state from 1949 to 1969. White Orchid Press 1995 Bangkok. Pages 198 mint softcover.



Begg Moazzam

Enemy Combatant: My Imprisonment by the United States at Guantanamo

Hardback first UK edition. As new in dustwrapper. 352 pages 2006. Begg was detainedin Pakistan and forcibly taken to begram airbase where he could hear the screams of a woman who was being sexually assaulted and believed this to be his wife. The victim later became known as the “grey woman of Begram” and her identity remains in dispute to date.



Blanch Lesley

Sabres of Paradise

Hardback biography of Imam Shamil leader of Chechen resistance in the Chechenya during the Nineteenthe Century.



Burke S M and Quraishi Salim Al Din

Quaid I Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah His Personality and His Politics

Oxford University Press, paperback.



Dalyrymple, William

The Last Mughal The Fall of a Dynasty Delhi 1857

Hardback mint in dw first edition. Autobiography of Bahadur Shah Zafar II and the end of Mughal rule. 2006 Bloomsbury Publishers first edition



Gauhari, Farooka

Searching for Saleem: An Afghan woman’s odyssey

Hardback in dust wrapper.267 pages 1996 first edition. Account of how the Saur revolution effected this family. The husband was a US educated airforce pilot who disappeared on the day of the coup. The author searched for her husband without success and did not even manage to locate his body. The author fled to India and on to the US where she had studied in the 1970s and found refuge. A gripping tale of what life was like living under Afghan Communism and the Soviet occupation.



Ghafour, Hamida

The Sleeping Buddha- the story of Afghanistan through the eyes of one family

Hamida Ghafour fled Afghanistan with her parents in 1981. As a young adult Hamida comes back to Afghanistan as the Daily Telegraph correspondent. She meets an archaeologist who is looking for a reclining Buddha, believed to be as large as the Buddhas of Bamiyan in the Bamiyan valley. She recounts how her father was head of security for HM Zahir Shah, the Shah told Ghafour’s father not to take any action against the coup that overthrew the Afghan monarchy in 1973 paving the way for the Communist coup of 1978. Highly recommended account. New paperback 2007.