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Abdurrahman Omar

Present Rulers and Islam- Are they Muslims or not?

1990 in original cover. Pages 98 Dr Omar Abdurrahman is the Sheikh of Islamic Jihad in Egypt his opinions as expressed in this book led to the assassination of Anwar Sadat and to political violence aimed at regime change throughout the Muslim world. The Sheikh was detained in connection with the first bombing of the World Trade Centre by the US. Water stained throughout, but not affecting text. RARE



Al Azami

On Schacht’s Origins of Muhammadan Jurisprudence

This in depth study presents an analysis and critique of the classic Western work on the origins of Islamic Law, Schacht’s Origins of Muhammadan Jurisprudence. It examines the sources used by Schacht to develop his thesison the relation of Islamic law to the Quran. Professor Al Azami’s analysis exposes fundamental flaws in Schacht’s methodology that lead to conclusions unsupported by texts examined. This is an important contribution to Islamic legal studies from an Islamic perspective. Hardback in dw 1985 1st edition.



Al Qardawi Yusuf

The Lawful and the Prohibited in Islam

Hardback 1991 Lahore 355 pages.



Arts Council of Great Britain

The Arts of Islam

1976 pages 394.



Ashour Mustafa

The Jinn in the quran and the sunna

Paperback 66 pages 1989.




Monuments of Syria An Historical Guide

I B Tauris paperback 302 pages.



Collins Aukai

My Jihad

An account of White American Muslim’s conversion to Islam, travel to Pakistan, Kashmir and Afghanistan as well as seeing actual combat against the Russians. Thereafter this American becomes an FBI agent. He provided a lot of information about commander Ibn Ul Khattab to the FBI later Khattab was killed by poisoning at the hands of Russian intelligence. Hardback in dw. 257 pages. He deserts his Chechen wife and child and his American wife dumps him with their kids.



Hikmet Nazim

Human landscapes from my Country

A Turkish novel detailing what happened to those Turks who supported the Ottoman Khilafat against Attaturk’s secularism. The author was one such person who endured imprisonment for 13 years on political grounds. This stunning 17,000 line verse novel at once documents Turkey’s historic change from Islamic empire to secular Republic. Hardback in dw 466 pages New York publication.



Matar, Nabul

Islam in Britain 1558 – 1685

Hardcover in dustwrapper. Account of British Muslim converts to Islam and North African raids on England including with help from English “renegades”(British Muslims). Cambridge Univ Press 1998.



Matar, Nabil

Turks, Moors and Englishmen in the Age of Discovery

Account of the Islamic interaction with Britain includes raids up the Thames by N.African sailors. Hardback in dustwrapper. 1999. Columbia Univ. Press 288 pages.