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North West Frontier of Pakistan (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa)

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(From visions of love Sufi Poetry of the Pushtuns by Robert Sampson page 27)


When you fixed me with your dark eyes
My heart lost interest in all others.
At the moment I saw your face
I knew then
I was committed in my love for you.

The clerics who admonish me
Know nothing
Of the virtue of your face.
I do not care if I’m disgraced.
By those who claim to love you more.

My only worry is that someone who
Discourages me will then
Run on ahead to see you first.

When I see my Beloved,
I’m startled to see
She is an angel
In human form.

Colonel 'Buster' Goodwin stationed for twenty years on the Frontier expresses his feelings about Pathans this way:

"Our dealing with Pathans was a gentleman's game. No matter how poor a Pathan was, he might meet the King of England or the Viceroy of India but he'd look him in the eye and shake hands with him as if to say, I'm as good a man as you are." SEE:  Amongst the Pathans (1969) and More Stories about the Pathans  by Buster Goodwin


An English General Meets a Pathan Chieftain - 1879 (ILN)


Ahmad, Mohiuddin

Saiyid Ahmad Shahid

1975 Hardback, published in India with dust wrapper. First Edition. Saiyid Ahmad Shahid established a resistance base in Swat Northern Pakistan to combat Ranjit Singh and Sikh power in the Frontier during the Nineteenth Century. The Saiyid captured Peshawar only to return it to the former Durrani ruler who had been in league with the Sikhs. The Sikhs were abducting Pashtun women, which resulted as always in a wave of resistance from Pashtun society against these invaders from India. Unfortunately The Durrani ruler of Peshawar also betrayed a plan to organize a revolt in the fort at Attock by Muslim troops in the Sikh army. Attock controls access to the Frontier Province. The Saiyid is presented as a formidable military opponent, but lacking the political savvy of his opponents, which ultimately results in his opponents driving a wedge between the Saiyid, an Indian and his Pashtun hosts in the Swat valley, based on ethnic differences. This biography is written by an Indian scholar using Urdu and Persian primary sources. Rare:



Balneaves, Elizabeth

Mountains of the Murgha Zerin

Travels in Gilgit Agency and Kafiristan. From blurb: Between the Hindu Kush and the Karakoram among the most concentrated collection of high mountains in the world, lives the Murgha Zerin the Golden Cock or Imperial Pheasants, with its delicate crest of iridescent green feathers much prized by local inhabitants. Like the people of this area, scattered thinly over Pakistan’s northern frontiers, the Murgha Zerin lives much as it did a hundred years ago, almost inaccessible, under the shadown  of Tirich Mir, Rakaposhi and Nanga Parbat, and cut off like them in hidden valleys for over six months of the year. Hardback in dw very good condition travel book club 1972.



Baig R K

The Kalash of Chitral Yesterday and Today

In original card covers tourist guide to the Kalash valley pages 40. Pictorial front cover. And colour photo on rear cover. No date



Barton, Sir William

India’s North West Frontier

1939 308 pages John Murray Publishers London first edition, hardback in dust wrapper. Very good condition dust wrapper has some loss. 




Catalogue of Pashto manuscripts in the libraries of the British Isles

London, 1965-159 pages. This catalogue provides details of preserved antiquated Pashto manuscripts, which can be found in British libraries and museums and gives a comprehensive listing of some of this vast literary wealth of the bygone days.



Bowen, John Charles Edward

Plain Tales of the Afghan Border

Hardback in dw with mint condition. 1982 a compilation  account of Pashtun stories. Pages 95, First Edition London. Springwood Books. 



Caroe Olaf

The Pathans 550BC -1957ad

'The Pathans' (1958) by Sir Olaf Caroe - now rated a classic - is the last standard reference work of significance about this race rendered by an official who served during the colonial period. He was also amongst the last British governors of NWFP.

Oxford University Press Reprint, NEW in dust wrapper.



Condon W E H

The Frontier Force Regiment

Hardback published by Gale and Polden 1962. Comprehensive 592 includes multiple maps and illustrations. Regimental history of the Frontier Force Regiment by Brigadier Condon includes details of actions in the Second Anglo Afghan War by the Guides. Wear to spine ends.



Dani, Ahmad Hasan

Peshawar Historic City of the Frontier

1995, Second  Edition. PP 320 in pictorial hard back. V.Good to fine condition. Published in Lahore Pakistan.Illus with photos and maps.



Dani, Ahmad Hasan

Islamic Architecture Wooden Style of Northern Pakistan

Hardback coffee table book illustrated with colour and black and white photos. Very good in protected dw. Published 1989 National hijra Council Pakistan , over 100 colour and black and white plates. NEW sealed book. First  Edition.