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Byron, Robert

Road To Oxiana

Folio Society edition in slip case. Attractively decorated front hardback cloth cover with turquoise lozenges against a cobalt blue background cloth. Published in 2000.



Chaffetz, David

A Journey through Afghanistan: A Memorial

Chicago: Regenery Gateway 1982 254 pages. The author recalls a trip that he made to the Herat region in the mid 1970s when the war had not yet changed Afghan life FIRST EDITION..



Doubleday Veronica

Three women of Herat

1988 DUST wrapper, very good condition hardback 1ST Edition. Account of British woman’s training as a musician with three different female musicians in Herat during the 1970s.



Elliot Jason

An unexpected light

A wonderful travel account set in Afghanistan before 1996 under the Mujahideen government, Kabul is under siege by the Taliban the Author is fluent in Persian (SOAS Graduate) and travels throughout Northern Afghanistan. At prayer in the mosque of Herat, an old man advises him on errors he made in his prayer performance and Elliot is touched with the gentle manner in which the old man explains Elliot’s mistakes. Elliot had expected to be harangued as an imposter in the mosque. This book became a best seller in the US and this is the first English Edition.



Kaplan, Robert

Soldiers of God

1990 hardback in very good condition in dust wrapper. Travel with Kaplan as he ventures on a tour of guerilla warfare with the legendary Abdul Haq fighting an urban war against the Soviets with his ethnically diverse Mujahedin group encompassing Tajiks and Pashtuns. First Edition.



King, Peter

Afghanistan Cockpit in High Asia

1966 first UK edition of a Pashtu speaking US citizen’s residence in Afghanistan for one year.



Toynbee, Arnold

Between the Oxus and the Jumna

The famous British Historian travelled to Afghanistan in the 1960s and detailed the history of the cities he visited. Hardback first edition in dust wrapper. 1961.



Murphy, Dervla

Full Tilt

Ireland to India with a Bicycle. First Edition in DW. Fine condition. The author travels through Afghanistan on bicycle and then later goes on to Swat valley an independent princely state and meets the Wali of Swat as well as the Pashtun President of Pakistan Ayub Khan.



Newby, Eric

A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush

1958, London. First edition Hardback edition, two        folding maps, pp 247, in very good
condition. Signed by Author in dw which has suffered from some paper loss. Author died
in 2006 and this is a rare inscribed copy.

£200 (or unsigned first edition without dustwrapper £30)


Stewart, Rory

The Places in Between

Hardback first edition, third printing in mint dust wrapper by Picador publishers UK.

£55 or signed copy for £125