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Adamec Ludwig W

Historical Dictionary of Afghanistan

Scarecrow Press No5 Asian Historical Dictionaries 1991. 376  paperback in good condition.



Adamec Ludwig W

Afghanistan 1900-1923

A Diplomatic History From the reign of Abdul Rahman to the negotiation of peace over the Third Afghan War.                                                                                           



Afghan Tourist Organisation

See Afghanistan – A short tourist guide of Afghanistan

51 pictures, one folding map 70 pages. 1959 in original card covers, spine base has suffered wear.



Afghanistan Support Committee

Afghanistan Magazine

Issues 1-11 of Afghanistan a quarterly magazine published by the Afghanistan Support Committee later becoming the Afghanistan Information Office. All issues are in good condition. Last issues is number 11 dated Summer 1989. Each issue contains articles by journalists on the current affairs situation in Afghanisan, history, book reviews and political analysis. All magazines are photocopies.                                                                                                  



Agency Afghan Press

Afghanistan A Chronology of Events

1987 paperback  London 184 pages and one folding map and 46 b and w photos. Wear to spine.



Ahmad N.D.

The Survivial of Afghanistan -The Two Imperial Giants held at bay in the 19th Century.

People's Publishing House Lahore Second Edition 1979. The book covers the foundation of the Afghan State in 1747 up until the 1917 Soviet Revolution. In dustwrapper which is torn and has suffered some loss. Otherwise a very good hardback copy.



Ahmad Mohiuddin

Saiyid Ahmad Shahid

Saiyid Ahmad Shahid established a resistance base in Swat Northern Pakistan to combat Ranjit Singh and Sikh power in the Frontier during the Nineteenth Century. The Saiyid captured Peshawar only to return it to the former Durrani ruler who had been in league with the Sikhs. The Sikhs were abducting Pashtun women, which resulted as always in a wave of resistance from Pashtun society against these invaders from India. Unfortunately The Durrani ruler of Peshawar also betrayed a plan to organize a revolt in the fort at Attock by Muslim troops in the Sikh army. Attock controls access to the Frontier Province. The Saiyid is presented as a formidable military opponent, but lacking the political savy of his opponents, which ultimately results in his opponents driving a wedge between the Saiyid, an Indian and his Pashtun hosts in the Swat valley, based on ethnic differences. This biography is written by an Indian scholar using Urdu and Persian primary sources. First Edition in dust wrapper Rare copy of a hard to find work.



Ahmed and Aziz

Afghanistan A Brief Survey

1934 Dar Ut Talif Publishers Kabul Afghanistan, numerous plates in colour and black and white, two of three maps present (irrigation map missing) and original paperback binding. Plates include minarets of Ghazni without the later protective umbrella like steel covering and Afghan troops dressed in German storm trooper uniforms marching through Kabul. Dust wrapper present The book provides a wonderful insight into 1930s Afghanistan.



Ahmed, Ishtiaq

AN Afghan Trail From Jihad to Terrorism - Gulbuddin Hekmetyar

Paperback pages 151 published by STEP 2004. Hekmetyar initially fought the Soviets, then fought against other Mujahedin parties in 1992 to be the dominant warlord in Afghanistan. His party received a thorough beating from the Taliban in 1995. Hekmetyar then sided with the other Mujahideen parties becoming Prime Minister of the Mujahidin Govt. In 2001 after the US assault on Afghanistan, Hekmetyar changed sides again and decided to fight against the Western forces in Afghanistan.



Aisha Ahmad

Pashtun Tales from the Pakistan-Afghan Frontier

Hardback first edition in dustwrapper 2003. 379 pages with colour and black and white plates.