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Ali Mohammed

The War of Independence

Account of the Third Anglo Afghan War from the former Principal of Kabul University. In original card covers but reading copy only, needs to be rebound.



Army Headquarters

Third Afghan War Official Report

Paperback 176 pages reprint.



Molesworth G N

An Account of operations in the Third Afghan War

Hardback. 183 pages Asia Publishing House



Robson Brian

Crisis on the Frontier the Third Afghan War and the campaign in Waziristan 1999-20

Hardback in dw pages 328 pages.



Wali, Shah

My Memoirs

Memoirs of Sardar Shah Wali Victor of Kabul and uncle of the then King Zahir Shah. Kabul 1970. In original card cover good condition. Includes the part played in the fall of Bacha Saquo by Shah Wali in 1929 as well as the role Wali Shah played in commanding the Waziristan front in 1919 against the occupying British Indian forces.