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Abdul-Rahim Abu-Husayn

The View from Istanbul: Ottoman Lebanon and the Druze Emirate

I.B.Tauris in Association With the Centre of Lebanese Studies 1ST EDITION (Hardcover). 2003, 288 pages NEW in dust wrapper.



Asad, Mohammed

The Road to Mecca

An Austrian Jewish man's account of travels in the Islamic World after the first world war and his conversion to Islam. The author was nearly shot in Afghanistan for becoming engrossed in looking at an attractive village lady. In Afghanistan during a debate on Islam, the author was told that he was a Muslim though he did not accept it.  This amongst other things resulted in the author considering what his actual personal beliefs were before deciding to embrace Islam. First Edition Ex library binding with the dw cut out and glued to the hardback cover. 1954.



Ashour Mustafa

The Jinn in the Quran and the Sunna

Dar Al Taqwa 1986 London65 pages NEW.



Blair Sheila and Bloom Jonathan

Rivers of Paradise Water in Islamic Art and Culture

371 Pages edited by Blair and Bloom  Yale Univ Press. Hardbac k in dust wrapper 2009 publication.



Cheneviere Alain

Syria Cradle of Civilisation

Stacey International publishers 191 pages published in UK 1996. Hardback coffee table book.



Dalrymple, William

Holy Mountain

1997 harper Collins hardback in dust wrapper signed by author. The author describes the last rites of Christendom in a journey through its beleaguered outposts in the Middle East. He follows in the footsteps of John Moschos, a monk who in AD615 wrote about his travels in the Byzantine world at a time when the empire was being assailed from all sides. Dalrymple, too, had his fair share of run-ins with a rogues' gallery, from Turkish secret policemen to lighter moments, including a wonderful description of the 'inexhaustible lewd and lustful' Empress Theodora in Constantinople. The author finds that the Christians in Jerusalem feel threatened and marginalized by the attempt to portray the physical environment as being imbued with Jewish history. The author meets Palestinian Christians forced from their villages and living as internally displaced people within the pre 1948 Palestinian state boundaries as well as in Lebanon as second class citizens. The author meets monks in the West Bank who live a difficult existence under occupation. The author finds the Christians in Lebanon in a perilous position due to the Maronites disastrous quest for power over the other religious groups in society and their pro Israeli leanings. The author describes the Turkish states attempts to erase the architectural history of Armenians in Eastern Turkey.



Dalrymple William

In Xanadu A Quest

1989 harper Collins first edition in dust wrapper. Account of travels through Turkey, Iran Syria, Pakistan China and Mongolia finally to Xanadu. Signed by author.



Didier, Charles

Sojourn with the Grand Sharif of Makkah (Arabia Past & Present)

In dustwrapper hard cover account of didiers stay with the sharif of makkah in the company of richard burton.1985 pages 176.



Emel Esin

Mecca the Blessed Madinah the Radiant

Book contains photographs by Haluk Doganbey published by Crown Publishers in 1963.  The condition of the book and dust jacket (protected by a plastic cover) is very good with very slight shelfwear of any kind.  This is a tour of the two cities central to the Islamic faith, including architecture, art and historical text.  There are 113 illustrations, 57 in colour. 



Facey William

Saudi Arabia by the First Photographers

Hardback in dust wrapper published in 1996 128 pages. Very good condition illustrated throughout with Nineteenth Century Ottoman photos of Arabia as well as Twentieth Century photos of Saudi Arabia illustrating  Mecca, Medina and other cities of Arabia before the Saudi destruction of the architectural heritage of this land.