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Harold Lamb

Babur The  Tiger

Robert Hale 1961 Account of Babur in biographical form by this US historian in hardback with dw.



Chauhan S K

Delhi Agra and Jaipur the Golden Triangle

96 pages illustrated throughout hardback with dustwrapper. Lustre Press New Delhi 1986.



Dalrymple William

The Last Mughal

Signed 1st  UK edition in dust wrapper as new.



Dalrymple William

The White Mughal

Signed 1st UK edition in dust wrapper as new.



Dalrymple William

Age of Kali

Signed UK first edition hardback in dustwrapper.



Dalrymple William

Nine Lives

First Edition, hardback in dust wrapper. Signed



Hurlimann, Martin

Delhi Agra  Fatehpur Sikri

1965, 150 pages, Thames and Hudson 127 pictures in black and white and 14 colour plates.



Llewellyn-Jones, Rosie

Lucknow City of Illusion

295 pages Prestel Publishers. Al Kazi Collection of photography is beautifully illustrated here to show the splendid architecture of Lucknow.



Khan, Muhammad Nawaz

Ali Mardan Khan’s Garden Villa and the Flag Staff House on Peshawar Cantonment

Book by editor of Gandhara Times a valuable contribution to the Mughal heritage of NWFP. There are colour photos of the Mughal Governor’s villa and a good description of the artistic merits of the building as well as historical travelers accounts of the Villa and surrounding Mughal garden.8 plates, one map and 26 pages, softcover in very good condition.1998 Peshawar Pakistan.



Nadiem, Ihsan H

Gardens of Mughal Lahore

Photographic book with colour and black and white photos throughout 89 pages hardback with pictorial cover and bibliography in mint condition. Text gives a thorough details about the history of the Mughal gardens of the historic Mughal city of Lahore.