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Albinia Alice

Empires of the Indus- The Story of a River

John Murray signed by Author. A fascinating new travel writer who traces the source of the Indus. First Edition hardback in very good dustwrapper.



Asad, Mohammed

The Road to Mecca

An Austrian Jewish man's account of travels in the Islamic World after the first world war and his conversion to Islam. The author was nearly shot in Afghanistan for becoming engrossed in looking at an attractive village lady. In Afghanistan during a debate on Islam, the author was told that he was a Muslim though he did not accept it.  This amongst other things resulted in the author considering what his actual personal beliefs were before deciding to embrace Islam. First Edition Ex library binding with the dw cut out and glued to the hardback cover. 1954.



Balneaves, Elizabeth

Mountains of the Murgha Zerin

Travels in Gilgit Agency and Kafiristan. From blurb: Between the Hindu Kush and the Karakoram among the most concentrated collection of high mountains in the world, lives the Murgha Zerin the Golden Cock or Imperial Pheasants, with its delicate crest of iridescent green feathers much prized by local inhabitants. Like the people of this area, scattered thinly over Pakistan’s northern frontiers, the Murgha Zerin lives much as it did a hundred years ago, almost inaccessible, under the shadown  of Tirich Mir, Rakaposhi and Nanga Parbat, and cut off like them in hidden valleys for over six months of the year. Hardback in dw very good condition travel book club 1972.



Blunt Wilfrid

Persian Spring

First Edition in dust wrapper. 1957 Barrie Publishers 252 pages.



Blunt, Wilfred

The Golden Road To Samarkand

First Edition Hamish Hamilton in dw fine condition hard back in dw. Pages 280.



Colonel Bailey

Mission to Tashkent

Mint Folio Edition hard cover with slip case. Account of espionage in Soviet Central Asia during the Bolshevik revolution.



Burton Richard

The Gold Mines of Midian

Hardback in red cloth 1979 edition  from the royal school of mines library. very good condition, 244 pages.



Chardin, John

Sir John Chardin’s travels in Persia

Hardback in half leather the Argonaut Press 1927  287 pages ex library.



Cloake Margaret Morris

A Persian at the Court of King George 1809-10

Edited by Margaret Morris Cloake and with an introduction by Denis Wright. Hardback in mint dust wrapper. 1988 Barrie and Jenkins.



Cronin, Vincent

The Last Migration

1957 hardback first edition in dw. An account of life amongst the nomads of Southern Iran.